The Kentucky 4-H definition of school enrichment is:  groups of youth receiving a sequence of learning experiences in cooperation with school officials during school hours to support the school curriculum.  It involves direct teaching by extension staff or trained volunteers, including the classroom teacher.

4-H School Enrichment can help your schools by:

  • extending and enhancing students’ learning with fun, hands-on activities
  • providing an outside source of information that will be a positive reinforcement to classroom teachings
  • providing a different point of view about the same subject matter which may help youth comprehend and apply their newfound knowledge.

Just a few of the available school enrichment opportunities offered this year are:


    Matter    Motion & Forces    Electricity    Rocks & Minerals    Moon Phases and Moon BINGO

    Owl Pellets    Building& Launching Rockets    Water Cycle    CSI- DNA    Scientific Method   

Communications- Speech & Demos    Economics    Leadership    How to read Food Labels