Dog Club

Our Dog Club currently meets on the 1st Thursday and the 3rd Monday of each month. We usually have one meeting without our dogs and one meeting with our dogs. We work on things throughout the year in preparation for the Dog Bowl and Skillathon as well as the State Fair in August. Our current volunteer leaders are Gisela Boylan and Stephanie Mackey who both have extensive experience working with dogs. You do not have to participate in any shows or competitions to be a member. You are more than welcome to just attend meetings and learn useful information about your dog and training! Dogs must be on a leash at all times (unless working specifically off lead during training) and don't forget to bring some treats for motivation for your dog!

Meeting Dates

October 7th & 18th

November 4th & 15th

Dog Camp- Camp Canine

Information about Dog Camp can be found at the following website.

Dog Show Information 

For those participants who like to participate in the State Fair, we try to attend several area dog shows for practice. Even if you don't participate in the fair, you can still do some dog shows! Make sure you have required paperwork on your dog on file at the office if you'd like to participate.

Dog Bowl/Skillathon Information

Information about the upcoming Dog Bowl and Skillathon can be found at the following website.

Dog Declaration and Health Forms

These forms need to be completed each year and are due March 1st. Click here if you need to print out a blank copy.